John Harold Buckley, Post 32


 Honor Guard


In the past, we had a Color Guard that won many awards and trophies as they participated in parades and community events.  In 1997, an Honor Guard was formed as part of the Color Guard.  Eventually, the Color Guard duties were absorbed into the Honor Guard.  

Our Honor Guard takes pride in being able to provide a ceremonial unit for all requested Military Honors Funerals within reasonable driving distance.  Escorting a fallen hero to a final resting place is considered one of the highest forms of respect. By law, a military funeral with honors is offered for any veteran when requested by family members. Our unit can perform an honors ceremony which includes a 7-person, 3- gun volley salute and a bugler to play “Taps.” Also, the Honor Guard will fold and present a ceremonial U.S. flag to the family. This unit also presents The Colors at events and participates in parades where it represents the American Legion and displays the military service flags.  In addition to that, it is part of the Honor Guard’s mission to promote and perpetuate respect and etiquette of the American Flag through education and personal actions.

Our Honor Guard Team is proud to serve at the discretion of the Commander.  It is the largest standing Committee of Post 32, currently comprised of 30 members.  Membership in the Honor Guard has been and remains a volunteer position –requiring a commitment of proficiency, availability and dedication to the Mission.

Historically, over the past eight years our Honor Guard has rendered an average of 90 Military Honors Funerals per year and has provided Education, Flag Etiquette and Holiday Events or Posting Colors at an additional 50 events per year.   American Legion Post 32 is represented to the public through Honor Guard participation an average of THREE TIMES PER WEEK.

If you wish to perpetuate what you served for, the Honor Guard is YOUR committee!!