John Harold Buckley, Post 32

Beaver Lake


Post 32's history with Beaver Lake began in 1953 for camping and fishing.  It became a place where especially Vietnam Vets could go to find solace, refuge, and some peace for their souls after their experiences in the war.  Beaver Lake was a great place to spend quality time with their families, and the Vets could also enjoy camaraderie with others if they so desired.  Bob and Lee Holub were the original occupants, and Mr. Holub was the Lake Committee Chairman for many years.

Beaver Lake is still a great place to spend quality time with family and friends.  Seasonally, members of our Post continue to enjoy the beauty of Beaver Lake.  Presently, there are 120 primitive camping spots with no facilities other than the Shelter.  Members may also enjoy day use of the lake.  The original shelter, a hog barn from the Boulder County Fairgrounds, was donated to the Legion by Longmont's Roosevelt Park. 

There is a caretaker on site at the lake during the week, and volunteers from the Post oversee the lake during the weekends.  It should be noted that cellphones do not operate at Beaver Lake, but there is a telephone at the Shelter.







Images provided by: John Williams 



🔹 Beaver Lake clean-up on Saturday, September 10 was a huge success. A big thank you to all those who cut down trees, chipped the slash, spread roadbase, cut down weeds, split and piled wood, cooked, cleaned up the shelter house, and all the other things people did that helped to keep our area safe and clean. It was amazing to see such a great turnout despite the cold, foggy, and drizzling weather. Great job!  Click the following numbers for pictures: 123, 45

🔹 If you want to sell your trailer, please post a picture and your contact information on the bulletin board located at the back door of the Post.

Daily boating OR fishing pass $10
Yearly Beaver Lake boating OR fishing permit $65
Note: you must also carry a valid Colorado Fishing License
Daily Camping $10 per tent per night or $20 for campers/trailers per night

Addendum to John Harold Buckley Post 32 Bylaws (2022) (aka Beaver Lake Bylaws)

Additional documents and forms:
Beaver Lake Space Transfer Form
Permission letter granting family/legion member use of trailer

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