John Harold Buckley, Post 32

Post 32’s Ladies’ Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion

Our Women's Auxiliary of American Legion Post 32 was formed on May 3, 1922, with 18 members including Lt. Buckley's mother, Grace Buckley Stapp.  She bequeathed Post 32 a large sum of money in order to help veterans.  Members of the Auxiliary have always been eager and willing to co-operate in every Legion activity, and they have worked hard for the good of the Legion.

Our Post’s Sons of the Legion, fondly referred to as the SAL, was formed on August 22, 1972, with 19 charter members.  They also have worked very hard for the good of the Legion.

We remain very proud of both our Women’s Auxiliary and our Sons of the Legion units.  Each has gained statewide recognition because of their programs of service.

                                                             Color Guard and Honor Guard

In the early 1950s, a Color Guard was started through our Post.  It eventually became known as “The Colorado Buckthorns.”  This special group won many awards and trophies as they participated in parades and community events.  Former Post Commander, Marion Herman, recalls that in the 1970s, a Color Guard comprised of all women was formed.   Pat Patrick and Bill Bohn both recall that in 1997, Commander Gerald Perry asked Ray Yakel to start an Honor Guard unit. It was then formed as a part of the Color Guard.  Ray Yakel and Bill Bohn served as Co-Captains.  Upon Ray’s passing, Bill Bennett was Co-Captain with Bill Bohn.  During their tenure, the Honor Guard acquired the first bus.  After Bill Bennett’s passing, Dennis Sindelir became a Co-Captain with Bill Bohn.  Eventually, the Color Guard was absorbed into the Honor Guard.  Dennis Sindelir now serves as the sole Captain.   

In October, 2013, the Honor Guard’s own Dick Kounovsky received the Channel 7 News Everyday Hero Award for his service to the community in assisting Dennis Sindelir with Honor Guard duties.

Also of historical note, over the past eight years our Honor Guard has rendered an average of 90 Military Honors Funerals per year and has provided Education, Flag Etiquette and Holiday Events or Posting Colors at an additional 50 events per year.

By early 2014, our Post’s Honor Guard bus had logged many, many miles in service and would soon need replacing. Through the efforts of Dick Kounovsky and Gene Hammerle, Post 32 was the recipient of a brand-new bus by a very generous anonymous benefactor. The new bus was pressed into service on November 1, 2014.

We are proud of how our past and present Color Guards and Honor Guards have represented our Post to our surrounding are

Patriotic Days

Post 32 has a very long history of participating in Memorial Day events throughout Longmont, and we continue to honor the sacred memory of our war-dead.  On the weekend before Memorial Day Services each year, active members still place a flag on Veteran's graves.

Armistice Day, now called Veterans Day, originally marked the end of fighting in World War I. Historically, it has been, and remains to this day, an important holiday for Legionnaires everywhere.  For many years, our Post has sponsored the Veterans Day Parade annually in conjunction with Longmont's VFW Post.  After the parade, lunch has been provided, with all veterans being heartily welcomed!

We Take Pride in our History of Service and Camaraderie…Please Join Us and Keep this History Alive!

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