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If you're a member of American Legion Post 32 and are interested in advertising your business, talents and/or resources, please send the below information to the Senior Vice, Karl Paulsen, at karlpaulsen@yahoo.com.

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MR. TRACY PERRY, (tepla@juno.com), 303-651-0512 - 40 years experience in public speaking; willing to give the below engaging presentations to interested civic groups. 

- James Harold Doolittle:  The speaker's boyhood hero and my1988 brunch with the Doctor, 4-star General, Medal of Honor recipient and master pilot. 1 hour, 15 min

- A Brave Sailor:  The story of the speaker's Uncle and his horrible untimely death in a Japanese POW camp in WW II. 1 hour  

- The Last Old Soldier:  The speaker's great-grandfather's time in the Civil War. Includes the weapon he carried, 150+ years old. 1 hour

- Honor Flight 2015: A trip to the Nation's Capital in 2015 with a plane full of veterans. 1 hour

- A Short History of the West, Part I:  Stories of Western History, including Cattle Kate, Alfred (Alferd) Packer, Pope John Paul II, Chainsaw Maggie. 1 hour

- History Part II, Ludlow: The bloodiest labor strike in Colorado history, Ludlow, Colorado, April 1914. 1 hour

- Short History of the West, Part III:  Estimated completion date is Nov 1, 2022, will include little known history of the Longmont, Colorado area and Longmont's triple murder. 1 hour

- A Long, Long Night: Investigating the mid-air collision near Loveland that killed 15 people in April 1981. 1 hour 

- Wichita State Aircraft Accident:  The details and bad decisions behind the crash of a charter flight near Loveland Pass in 1970 that killed 31. 1 hour

- The Bombing of United Airlines Flight 629: The details of the first confirmed commercial bombing of an airliner, near Longmont in 1955. Forty-five died. 1 hour

- Humor in Aviation: The humorous side of aviation; military, private, airliners. 1 hour

- En Route Air Traffic Controller: The 'other' side of aviation, from 18+ years 'in the saddle.' 1 hour